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Pure Precision Engineering. We Are So Confident You Will Love Your Sharp Shredda, It’s Backed By Our Unparalleled Customer Support and Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Ultra Strength & Durability
Tired of scratches, cross threading and metal flakes? Sharp Shreddas are hardened through electrolytic anodization for the hardest aircraft grade aluminum.
Ergonomic Grip
Revolutionary Fast Fluff Grip™ fluffs your herb in seconds which is especially helpful for arthritis sufferers. Our grinders have been designed and engineered to assist the medical marijuana industry.
Your Herbs Worst Nightmare
Chunky Patented teeth design for maximum Fluff! These thick nasty gnashers are for enhanced strength & durability, no more snapped teeth! Shredding herbs with ease.
Magnets For Life
Potent Neodymium Magnets keep your Sharp Shredda sealed shut preventing the contents drying out, accidental spillages and any aromas wafting around the place!
Drum-Skin Tight Mesh
Only the finest, tightest and longest lasting non-fraying pollen screen available. Collecting heaps of the good stuff!
Huh? 4 Pieces With Only 1 Thread...
4 pieces with one thread, Huh? Our unique patented pollen filtration layer with rugged grip lifts out with ease. This hidden layer sits in the bottom piece of the grinder and can be easily removed. Reduced cross threading & reduced frustration.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Money Back Guarantee. Incredible Customer Follow Up Service. Free Crystal Scraper, Free Protector Pouch & Free Ebook!
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Steven Wilkinson
Steven is a true ambassador for all things herbal. He has spent the majority of his life studying hundreds of different strains and is passionate about the future of herbal accessibility.
I have been using grinders to get the most from my herb for years now and rarely do you find such a premium quality grinder which achieves outstanding longterm results as this one.

I have had my sharp shredda for 6 months now and it pretty much looks the same as when I bought it (apart from the inside!). Its ability to really fluff the herb into a perfect consistency is one of the main reasons why Sharp Shredda Grinders are up there with, if not the best on the market today.

Steven Wilkinson

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